Acne Clear Recipe – Easy Vegan Almond Milk Recipe

I don’t know about you but I absolutley love a good smoothie on a hot day, weither I don’t have time to cook, or when I need to refuel my muscles after a hard workout. Most almond milk at the stores have unwanted ingredients that do your body no good. Making your own Almond milk not only tastes better, you get more out of it, and it kicks butt in nutrient density! This simple almond milk recipe will give you an excellent base to make your custom made smoothies. Rev up your blender and lets get mixing!


1 cup of soaked almonds (soak over night for 8 hours)

3 cups of fresh water

6 small or 3 medium size mejdool dates


Step 1: Soak almonds overnight

Soaking almonds is a critical step in maximizing digestability of nuts. Some people may have a weak tolerance to dry foods like almonds. Soaking nuts makes them more digestable and readily available for absorption. Remember that great skin comes from the inside out. So wr want to ensure we are digesting foods with ease and without discomfort. Moving along!

Step 2: Add Ingredients

After soaking your almonds dispose of the water with a steel mesh filter. Add almonds, 3 cups of fresh water and 6 small mejdool dates.


Step 3: Blend and transfer to Mason jar.

Blend by quickly dialing your vitamix dial from 1 to 10 and then flip on the max switch. Blend for about 2 minutes and then place into mason jar. If you do not have a vitamix you may have to transfer the pulp using a cheese cloth or nut bag (which essentially collects all the leftover pulp). I highly recommend a vitamix if your make smoothies on a daily basis. No chunks left over and only delicious smoothiness 🙂



And voila! You made your own almond milk! Good source of protein, calcium and a healthy dose of fat. Here is a smoothie recipe that you can make yourself! : 1 cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds, half an orange, half a cup of frozen cherries, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder of your choice and 1 cup of spinach. Share your smoothie recipes with me below! I am excited yo hear what you guys are blending! If you like more feel free to follow me on fb and twitter or get regular emaila from me once a week! Until next time – eat your greens and GO with the FLOW 😉


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