Acne Clear Recipe – How to cook Perfect Fluffy Basmati Rice

Perfect Rice - Complete

Do you like the sushi? I LOVE the sushi. I also love a nice bed of fluffy rice as a side dish when it comes to cooking. Ever since I started soaking my grains and cooking it in a traditional manner, not only did it taste better, had less graininess, but it was FLUFFY! There is a lot of debate about grains and although some strongly advocate to completely eliminate it others strongly find grains an integral part of a balanced way of eating. What do I say? Listen to YOUR body. Startches and acne tend to have a negative connotations when linked together. However I still enjoy my grains with my rotation diet (more on that later), consume it in moderate portion, and I always try my best to prepare it traditionally (AKA – the fluffy factor ;)). One way my body tells me I am eating too many startches is when I start feeling tired after eating the meal…then being repeatedly tired leads a breakout or two. No need to worry tho! Acne after excess startch is a sign to increase my protein and fat the next meal and reduce any high GI/GL carbohydrates. Its a bit difficult to get a hand of listening to your bodies needs but with practice you will become better at it 😉  Without being too much of a smart ass lets get on with this super easy recipe and eat some delicious fluffy white basmati rice 😀


1 Cup of Basmati Rice (Preferably Organic)

1 and a half cup of Water

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

1 Pinch of Salt

Equipment: A medium pot and lid

Perfect Rice - Set up

Cooking TIP: Make sure you have a large enough pot so the rice can float freely. More space for the rice means faster cooking time and more fluffy factor

Step 1: Soak Rice

As you can see in the set-up photo there is a 1 cup of rice in 1 and a half cup of water in a medium pot. I soak the rice over night to break down any components that can give the digestive tract a hard time. Soaking rice in advanced breaks down these anti-nutrients and allows better digestion of startch molecules! (+faster cooking) 2-3 hours is enough or you can just soak it in the morning before you head to school or work.

Step 2: Boil Rice

After your rice has been soaked you can bring the rice to a boil.

Perfect Rice - Boil

Step 3: Add 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil + Salt

Once the rice is boiling add one tablespoon of coconut oil. Be sure to slowly mix it in circular motions so the oil spreads evenly around each rice grain. This will give each grain this nice fluffiness and it will avoid any stick. Finally add a pinch of salt. You are going to love the smell when its done 🙂

Perfect Rice - Coconut Oil Perfect Rice - Stir Perfect Rice - Salt

Step 4: Simmer

Put the burner on low. The Rice will cook in about 8 minutes (as opposed to 15). After 8 minutes fluff with fork and it should be done!

Perfect Rice - Lid Perfect Rice - Complete

Just like that! You have have made yourself some delicious basmati rice! Serve with some tangerine infused shrimp to really wow your friends 😉 Not only can you clear your skin by eating REAL WHOLE food but you can also inspire others to cook with you as well. Hope on the health lifestyle cause its going to change your life for the better. Hope you enjoy the side and REMEMBER! Eat your vegetables…and go with the FLOW 😉


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