Acne Clear Food – The healing magic of Ghee (Butter minus the harm) + OMG HOW TO MAKE IT!

There is a lot of hate against butter these days but today I am going to give it some LOVE baby! Butter has never done anybody any harm and more evidence is revealing that saturated fat has never been the culprit of bad health. Rather the excess of refined carbohydrates is the real culprit behind our epidemic of health problems…acne just being one of many on a surface level. Ghee is like butter but the milk solids and water molecules are cooked off at low heats so the butter becomes more stable for cooking and becomes purified. From my experience with healing my acne, ghee has been a healer in many regards and the natural fats gives a roundness to your face and youthful plumpness that every girl wants. Yeah…I am a guy…but I also want to looking fucking beautiful 😉 And I can bet your ass you do to! Why not do it with natures perfect food! Their are many benefits of Ghee. The most relevant for clean skin is that ghee contains an excellent Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio (1:1), enhances digestive health, promotes utilization and absorption of fat soluble nutrients, it is a tonic that reinforces a healthy microflora and nourishes tissues (skin being one of them) so you you can look more healthy and be more supple 😉 I don’t know about you, but I am SOLD! And it tastes so good!!! Rather than oil, use ghee for cooking eggs, meat, and your favorite sea-food (amazing with shrimp). Ghee requires about 30 minutes of your time to make but the benefits are worth the wait! I always find this a good time to meditate and reflect on myself and just to relax while I am in the process. So get your tools ready folks and lets make some GHEE 😀


1 Pound of Butter

Tools: 2 Small Pots, 1 Mesh Bag (Or Cheese cloth), 1 stainless steel filter, and 1 jar

Ghee - Setup

Step 1: Melt the Butter

Place the butter in one of your small pots and melt it on medium heat. This process takes about 3 minutes. As soon as the butter melts put the heat on low.

Ghee - Melting

Step 2: Set timer

Set the timer for 20 minutes after the butter has melted. On the lowest heat possible the butter will begin to melt. This very low heating purifies the butter and eliminates the dairy leftovers. This is fantastic news for those of us who are sensitive to dairy. All we are left is with pure healing fat!

Ghee - Count Down

Step 3: Observe

I observed the entire process of butter clarificationand it wasn’t until 17 minutes in where real action began to take place. The first phase of your ghee looks like photo 1. Not much really goes on. Over time the white foam begins to dissipate and beings to look like picture 2. The last picture is what we are looking for: the healing liquid GOLD! I gave the ghee 3  extra minutes because this block of butter was fairly thick for the milk solids to evaporate. 20 minutes is the minimum amount of time and you do not want to burn your ghee. Make sure you are present for the final phase of the ghee formation. You will know when the Ghee is ready when you start seeing a ring of crusty looking solids on the perimeter of your pot. Once you see the ring turn off the heat, move the pot away from the heat, and let it cool for 5 minutes!

Ghee - Phase 1Ghee - Phase 2Ghee - Final Phase

^ Final Product ^

Step 4: Filter

Now you can take your second pot, add the steel filter, and then put a nut bag (or cheese cloth) on top of the steel filter. I used a nut bag filter because I ran out of cheese cloth, anyone is fine! Carefully pour the ghee into the second pot. You will see left over milk solids at the bottom of the pot, the perimeter of the pot, and in the nut bag. Discard those in the trash (keep your nut bag filter for re-use). You will be left with the final product of healing gold!

Ghee - Mesh Bag Ghee - Filter Ghee - Milk Leftovers

Step 5: Transfer into Jar and cool!

After everything is said and done you can take the ghee and  transfer it into a jar to cool. I used my expensive ghee jar I bought (around 27 bucks plus tax – Woah!) because it was appropriate and it has all the fun facts and benefits of ghee on the side (a nice refresher when I need to explain myself). Leave the ghee out on the counter for a couple of hours until it hardens! You can keep it on the counter for 6 months (clarifying it extends the shelf life – NATURALLY) or place it in the fridge for an entire year. I just keep it on the counter top because the Ghee tends to get really hard in the fridge. If you want to be safe throw it in the fridge!

Ghee - Pour Ghee - Complete

Thumbs up baby! I hope you guys are excited to get your health on and give yourself permission to clear skin! Eating the right foods that maximize digestion and minimize harm onto your body will put you one step ahead of the game when clearing your skin. Remember to be PATIENT because healing is a slow process and the results are totally worth it. Keep smiling and loving yourself right now regardless of how you look. (this will also help big time ;)) Enjoy cooking with this super food and REMEMBER! Eat your greens…and go with the FLOW!


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