Your Acne is your greatest gift! + 3 simple acne clearing trick ;)

Zit Set Back!

Holy crap. I got a zit. This is it. THIS IS THE END!!!…Do you sometimes feel like that when you wake up with a brand new bumpy red zit that is really itchy and you can’t really fight it off and all you want to do is POP it! And then your whole day feels ruined because everybody can see this massive red mark on your face? You know what I say? Embrace that zit! Its the most counter-intuitive advice anybody can give but I say love the shit out of that sucker! Your acne is just your body telling you “Wow man…there is too much going on here! (either too much stress, sugar, hormonal imbalances) and I have to give you a sign here to slow down!” Of course society can be cruel, superficial, and really mean when you have acne…but only if you let these people get to you. We can feel very insecure when people notice our face is glowing with hot redness and we feel like running away and hiding. Do just the opposite. This is a moment in your life when you run straight into the fear and negativity of life and embrace it with some love. Yes it is not going to be easy the first time. As a matter of fact it may really suck. You just have to keep believing yourself. And you must!

Looking in the mirror and continually telling yourself you look ugly, or that your whole day is ruined because nobody will like you, or that you are going to be alone for the rest of your life is far from the truth. Start thinking positive about your skin and think of it as your body giving you signals to reassess your life and see what is really bothering you deep down. Acne can sometimes come from the outside…yes…but 99% of the time it is an internal problem. One that can be pushed down really really deep without your awareness of it. By having a positive attitude you will feel better about yourself and you won’t even be thinking about your acne. Embrace your zit, love the way you are unconditionally…RIGHT NOW!, and tell yourself you are worth an amazing life. If you won’t believe it THEN I WILL! You are worth it and there is a beautiful person behind that skin. We just need to take better care of ourselves…that’s all.

Now the moment you have been waiting for! So what do you do when you have a breakout? What do you do when your face is covered with zits? Well I am going to stick with the former because the explanation will be more simple. If you have chronic breakouts then there are some complex variables at play (from my personal experience). So I sometimes get a breakout when I eat too much junk food. I am a sucker for chocolate (especially during the holidays) and then my little friend appears out of the blue. So there are THREE tricks that I do when I do break out:

1.) Eat LOTS of non-startchy vegetables – I am talking about 5 vegetables each meal (breakfest lunch and dinner). This will flush out any of that excess indulgence that you may have consumed and nourish your body with nutrient dense foods. Keep doing this until your skin completely clears up. The more raw foods you eat the more radiant you will be!

2.) Minimize sugars – Again you will want to eliminate most if not all sugars for the time being. I know this is a bit of an extreme measure but it really helps accelerate the healing process of the skin. I will have lots of health fats in replacement of the sugars (Coconut oil, Avacado’s, Fatty Fish, Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Healthy animal fats (i.e – bone broth, organic grass fed lean ground beef), and organic grass fed ghee).  Nuts and seeds are fine only if they are properly prepared by soaking for 6-8 hours. Excess sugar can do damage so minimizing the sugar intake whenever you can is very ideal.

3.) Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is excellent in treating the skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties and regenerative abilities. The reason I am recommending this last is because you need to create a healthy habit of eating high quality raw foods and fats FIRST before doing any outside work. Starting from the inside out is the best way to start clearing up your skin because your body knows how to naturally heal. Its always trying to heal…but you need to give it the right tools to let it! With that being said applying a thick layer of this sticky goeiness called Aloe Vera for 10 minutes in the morning and overnight is an ridiculously efficient way of reducing redness and inflammation of your acne!

If you are interested in more acne tips and acne clear recipes make sure to follow or sign up by e-mail! Be sure to follow on Twitter and Instagram to get the latest updates! Just like that you are on step closer to clearing your skin! Annnd remember, eat your vegetables…and go with the FLOW! Namaste ❤


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