Acne Clear Recipe – Ground Turkey Stir-Fry


Hope you guys are hungry! I got a killer recipe for you that you can make for yourself either for lunch or dinner…and by the way it is acne fighting as well! Make sure you go for the highest quality meat guys. There is a big trend in vegan/vegetrainism and for good reason. The meat we buy at the super store is crap! Those animals are pumped with anti-biotics, veterinarian drugs, and steriods and this is one reason why we have a disease pandemic. Anything the animals get, so do we. So unless you want to continue to look like a zombie straight out of walking dead you may want to ask yourself where your food comes from. Meat is not bad. It is only bad when the animal is NOT in the organic cycle. Get some ground turkey that is organic or at least anti-biotic/hormone free. The last thing you want is more anti-biotics in your system (which can seriously damage your intestinal lining after prolonged exposure). A healthy animal = a healthy YOU! If you want to start looking great make sure your animals have been treated great! They will thank you and so will the environment. Turn on some nice music, grab some friends, cook a meal, and have a ball! Hope you enjoy the recipe ladies and men!


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