The Benefits of Ghee for Acne

Homemade Ghee!

Okay so I officially love Ghee. Like really like it. Like I’m gonna put a damn ring on it! But what the hell is Ghee Tom?! Let me tell yeah 😉

Ghee is essentially butter minus the milk solids (the stuff that causes your skin to break out? yeah that stuff). Its origins are from India and it is known as a balancing food. In Ayurveda medicine it balances your doshas and puts your body back on track to kick ass in life. This is essential for people who struggle with acne because frankly we are more sensitive to get out of balance and that is why consuming and cooking with ghee is a total plus in clearing and maintaining vibrant clear skin! What about the benefits??

Well there are plenty of benefits to consuming ghee. The two most important are improved digestion and skin health. Ghee improves digestion by taking nutrients you have consumed with it more readily available in your intestinal lining! If the food particles are more readily available in your G.I. tract then your body will absorb them more efficiently therefore no digestive struggles! Hell YEAH! It nourishes the skin because it is loaded with 9 phenolic anti-oxidants, minerals, and omega-3! These nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties that reduces any current inflammation and can help calm your skin down baby. Additionally, Ghee increases energy, lubricates the joints (for you clackety people out there), alkalizes your blood (double plus for the skin), has CLA (tzzzzz hear that? the fat is BURNING right off of me!), and improves memory (WOO HOO, 90 on my final exam baby -> I hope…) Yeah its fat but DON’T BE AFRAID OF FAT! Everything in moderation and to YOUR liking. 

I strongly recommend cooking with ghee because it very easy on the digestive tracks and it maximizes food absorption and minimizes harm in your body! That is a key component of having clear skin! A simple dish you can start RIGHT now with Ghee is:

Add 2 tablespoons ghee to medium high heat. 

Throw in spinach, sliced patty pan squash, and onions.

Serve with some light seafood or chicken breast and a serving of quinoa! 

Super easy to get healthy guys and to have clear skin. Just have more fun and don’t be scared of food. Its there to heal you, not harm you! Have a great day 🙂



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